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No doubt you've heard other companies promise 'exceptional service'. Here are just some of the reasons we really have raised the bar to a standard our competitors can't reach. We’re working to improve what we offer further, but in the meantime these are our service commitments to you.


All of our products are manufactured to exacting standards and supplied direct to end users through our own transport department.


We aim to complete active orders within 48 hours of receipt. In some cases it may be within 24 hours, depending on the order timing.


We know that controlling costs is crucial. As a manufacturer we promise our prices will be more competitive than any supplier’s.


We can supply your needs for ancillary products as well as chemicals. Our extensive stock means we operate as a one-stop shop.


Having agreed a pricing structure, we implement a budgeting system with a monthly spend limit and support to help you stay within budget.


We train your staff and share best practice in cleaning and chemicals so your operation is as efficient and effective as possible.

Service with a passion

We are passionate about what we do, and take great satisfaction in the results we achieve for our clients. Here's a bit more about that commitment – to training and support, sharing information and timely service.

Free COSHH Training ...

Staff who are well trained will be more effective and far less likely to injure themselves or others at work.
We deliver training sessions on the COSHH regulations and on hygiene control (see below) on your premises.
Our experienced project managers will also provide you with fully documented training reports, confirming that employees have completed the course and fully understand its purpose.
And by the way, we don’t charge for any of our training.

IT shareability 

Our IT capability is another purpose-built feature that sets our service apart. Our end-to-end system manages the process from ordering through to deliveries, which are monitored in real time using GPS technology. The system produces accurate delivery notes, invoices and statements, as well as monthly usage reports. All the relevant data can be sent to a client at the push of a button. COSHH and other technical data is also accessible to our clients so they can be sure they have all necessary documentation when they need it.

SALSA and BRC support ...

Clients looking to obtain or maintain food industry accreditations can be sure of our full support. We help them comply with the SALSA and BRC standards. Cleaner Products works with your consultants or auditors to ensure your methods of cleaning and sanitisation fit with their requirements. To do this we produce tailor-made hygiene control programmes with action loops to correct non-conformities. We train your staff in the ‘six-step cleaning’ method. And we produce a technical data file to help you comply with the COSHH regulations.


Delivery system

When an order is received within our database, the system plans the route for deliveries. It takes account of delivery preferences for each account so that you receive your orders at about the same time and day each week. Our vehicles are fitted with tracking systems so we are able to tell you exactly where your delivery is and give you an estimated time of arrival where necessary. We aim to complete active orders with 48 hours, or within 24 hours subject to the time you place your order and our database producing a full load for the delivery vehicle.

and hygiene control

We promote awareness and understanding of hygiene control as part of our training package. It’s a structured and effective programme that helps food production staff and kitchen porters maintain high standards of food safety. We provide tailor-made wall charts that show every item and area involved in food production, and plan a cleaning schedule to ensure each is cleaned and sanitised when required. These wall charts are colour-coded so it’s clear which product should be used for each item. We also provide dish-wash usage wall charts so clients get the best results economically.

 Want To Order Cleaner Products?

All of our product are manufactured to the highest standards and should you require any advice on our product range then do not hesitate to give us a call on 01689 -861984.