VyTA choose Cleaner Products

Posted by:pete

VyTA has made its UK debut in London’s Covent Garden, The best products of the Italian tradition, Haute cuisine and the refinement that defines the superb VyTA brand will be appreciated by a cosmopolitan audience.

VyTA is the exclusive brand that has recently launched and promoting a new fine food style, where passion for food and the quality of ingredients, selected and processed with expertise, join the architectural design, by architect Daniela Colli, sophisticated and changeable, generated by ordinary matrix as a representation of the true essence of the brand. VyTA is an exceptional addition to the Covent Garden area and will no doubt be a desirable location for London foodies.

Water, Wheat, Wine, VyTA is the food philosophy of VyTA: shapes and tastes, aromas and flavours are inspired by the simple elements offered by the nature, such as water, fire and land, man’s expert hand, patience and creativity. VyTA opened in 2004 in Roma Termini railway station, in 2010 in Milano Centrale and following: Porta Nuova and Napoli Centrale (2011), Venice Santa Lucia (2014), Bologna Centrale and Villa Borghese at the Casa del Cinema in Rome (2015), Firenze Santa Maria Novella and Piazza Farnese in Rome (2016), VyTA Enoteca Regionale del Lazio (2017).

The development team at Cleaner Products feel honoured to have been selected as the supply partner for this extremly high profile venture and look forward to working with the brilliant team that have been assembled.