Tried and tested

Posted by:pete

It’s no coincidence that this extremely talented group of chefs have one thing in common, they all use Cleaner Products, it is estimated that over a thousand chefs in the UK are using our products on a daily basis. 

So why have so many chefs changed their suppliers, simple, Quality, Value and Service. The products we manufacture are undoubtable the ‘cream of the crop’, our sanitising products are the ultimate solution in maintaining a rigorous hygiene control programme and meet the standards of BS 1276. The value of the service we provide is without doubt the most cost effective in the hospitality sector, there are no middle-men and we deal direct with end users and this reduces costs for our clients. Service is always the critical factor and it is here that we really excel, only our clients know the many different aspects that make our service the sharpest in the UK, so if you would like to find out why we have become the number one choice for so many chefs then get in touch.

Our distribution capability is growing rapidly in the UK so to find out whether we are able to service your operation then please contact [email protected]