Trade Secrets

Posted by:pete

Many of our clients have been aware of some of our ’Trade Secrets’ because we wanted to share with them the strength and depth of our ability in research and development of the chemicals we manufacture. So why would we want to share our secrets in the public domain ?  It’s because we believe that by doing so other chemical manufacturers and suppliers will follow our lead, and this can only be good for the environment. Yes of course in time there will many other brands saying “ we can do that”, and that's the whole point. We raise the bar for other manufacturers to reach.

Our client base is made up of a large contingent of the leading brands in our industry, and what they know is that the products we manufacture are undoubtably the highest quality products in the hospitality and catering sectors, they trust us to provide them with the optimum solutions to the cleaning and hygiene needs. We do this by suppling highly effective chemicals but with sustainable and ecological formulas.

The first ‘Trade Secret’ we would like to share is that of a high use product ‘washing up liquids’, since 2013 we have been using a raw material that has been  derived from coconuts, cocomidopropyl has been one of the key components in our detergents, it is a far more expensive way of making our detergents but the quality of the finished product is far superior than that of cheaper formulations. Some times people buy simply on price, but the savvy buyers source the best quality product available, then haggle for the best price because they know - if you buy cheap - you buy twice.

Since 2013 we have supplied > 215 tonnes of washing up liquid to our clients and we have never had a client come back to us and say they are unsatisfied with our products, this is when you know your doing something right.

Also Cleaner Products have just launched a sister brand called ‘Gloweco’ which manufactures barbecue fuel for restaurants that is made using coconut shells, which are a bi-product and fully sustainable, more ecological and more cost effective.  So there you have it coconut derivatives have played a huge roll in our journey to provide quality and value, while at the same time being mindful of environmental issues.