Tokyo Rolls the friendly alternative

Posted by:pete

Cleaner Products are proud to be the inventor of Tokyo Rolls, this amazing product was developed back in 2017 and is exclusive to the Cleaner Products brand.

We were analysing the spending patterns of one of our group accounts and found they were using around 500,000 J Cloths a year to line their Gastro Trays for Sushi and for wrapping herbs and products in, something that the humble J Cloth was never intended for. Our main issue with this was the environmental impact, as J cloths take around 500 years to break down, after some research we discovered a paper called Airlaid and after some successful trials we then set about having it manufactured into more convenient rolls that were 50cmx30cm perforated so a single sheet would fill a gastro tray. 

To date we have saved over 7 Million J cloths going to landfill and it is now one of the most popular products we supply, used by all of our top chefs from Gordon Ramsey’s Royal Hospital Road, Clare Smyth, Jason Atherton and Angela Hartnett to name a few.  

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the service we supply our clients and this includes designing new products that help reduce costs and make their operations more sustainable. 

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