Thank you for your support

Posted by:pete

We completed our financial year at the end of March and we are delighted to report another record year of trading, during April our feet barely touched the ground with an all time record month of turnover to kick off the new financial year and many new clients coming on board.

We would like to this opportunity to say thank you to our loyal customers who have made the success of the Cleaner Products brand a reality. 

As a way of showing our appreciation you will be pleased to hear that we do not intend to increase any prices this year, those clients that have supported our efforts will be aware that we have not increased our prices over the last decade, we are still achieving ‘economies of scale’ as we are growing and we feel it only right to pass the benefits back to our loyal clients. We are undoubtably the only brand in our market sector to have achieved a price freeze for such a sustained period of time.

Thank you for your support.