Straw Wars - Cleaner Products

Posted by:pete

Cleaner Products have made a conscious effort to help our clients reduce the plastic waste they produce. Plastic drinking straws have been our priority and we are delighted to report that we have made the transition to our new bio-degradable options and we will no longer stock plastic straws, these slender tubes are unnecessary for most beverage consumption, who needs a straw in their gin and tonic anyway. Although straws are a tiny percentage of the waste in our oceans they are one of the most insidious polluters because they entangle marine animals and can be consumed by fish. It’s a good start that we have made and we will continue to play our part in the transition.

We are now also sourcing other alternative to cocktail stirrers which also play a negative roll in the upkeep of our planet, we are looking at stirrers from sustainable sources like bamboo and wood derived products. We will keep you posted on our progress but in the meatime you can always say ‘NO’ to your bartender.