Sanitiser demands rocketing.

Posted by:pete

As a company Cleaner Products have seen uprecedented orders rocketing over the last few weeks, we are pleased to announce that we have been able to keep ahead of the demands but the situation now requires that we place certain supply measures to alivate any bottlenecks to our manufacturing or distribution. The main cause for concern has been alcohol hand sanitiser, however, the demands for other skin care products, surface cleaner and sanitisers have also seen a significant rise in demand. We are doing our utmost to support our clients control the spread of Coronavirus and will be bringing on a new product called Virubac that has been designed to help fight the spread of bacteria and virus and this will be availavle to our clients very soon.

In order to maintain a regular supply to our excisting clients we are having to take measures to ensure our client base have an ongoing and interupted supply, there will no doubt be some testing times ahead but we are doing all in our power to reduce supply problems. We are turning down many requests from the general public and companies who we do not see as priority, but we will continue to talk people on a business to business basis.

We will keep you up-dated on issues that may affect you.

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