Lusin choose Cleaner Products.

Posted by:pete

The development team at Cleaner Products are delighted to have been selected as a supply partner for a superb new restaurant called Lusin in Hay Hill, Mayfair.

Lusin restaurant is owned by Mira Foods who are a 21st Century company dedicated to creating signature restaurants and retails food outlets that provide niche consumer groups with the ultimate in eating and pleasure experience in professionally designed environments. Following its thriving success in the field of food and beverages, Mira Foods launched several branches of its benchmark concept restaurants Lusin, with two restaurants in Riyadh, one in Jeddah and another in Alkhobar

Lusin is Armenian cuisine and translates to “the moon” a beautiful and delicate symbol in the Armenian culture. Lusin reflects the culture with its relish music, food, literature, and nature. Prepare yourself to savour an evocative cuisine to celebrate the centuries-old tradition of a proud people. Lusin serves its guest’s enticing Armenian specialties renowned for their distinctive aromas and flavourful preparations. Take a gastronomic journey and be tempted by a collection of exquisite dishes that feature pomegranate tanginess, along with an aromatically rich aftertaste such as Manti, Kebab, and traditional appetiser's aplenty. 

Lusin’s Executive Chef is the brilliant Chris Zachweija who is well known on the London scene and has worked with Cleaner Products in other high-end restaurants.

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