Life's too short to eat bad ice cream

Posted by:pete

Christian Oddono's ice cream empire continues to grow, Oddono's Gelati Itallani started trading in London's Bute Street,Kensington back in 2004. Since then Christian has gone on to launch new outlets in London's Queensway, Battersea, Hampstead and East Dulwich.

Christian is very passionate about the quality of the ingredients he uses. He selects the finest natural ingredients from around the world: Vanilla pods from Madagascar, Valhrona Chocolate from France, Natural Pistachios from Sicily, Hazelnut from Piedmont, etc. Christian does not use any colourings, preservatives or GM products. To date he has made over 130 flavours, including cinnamon, basil, chocolate and cognac, vodka lemon, honey, chocolate ginger and chili ice cream, etc. The best sellers include Chocolate, Nocciola (Hazelnut), Bacio (milky chocolate and hazelnut), Pistachio ice cream. Mango, Strawberry and Coconut are among the best seller sorbets. Odoono’s sorbets are made with fruit, sugar, water and some stabilizers. The milk-based gelato contains on average 8% fat, while the sorbets contain 0% fat. They also offer Illy Coffee, a delicious hot chocolate (made with a special in-house recipe), affogato (ice cream and coffee together), and Coppe Gelato (Sundays). We also offer Soya based gelato (dairy free) and low carb-no added sugar sorbets. Life's too short to eat bad ice cream