Island Chocolate selects Cleaner Products

Posted by:pete

It all began in St Vincent & The Grenadines, a group of beautiful Caribbean Islands.

Sailing around the Islands as a family, we completely fell in love with the people, the culture and the landscape. Constantly surrounded by lush rainforests, turquoise seas, white sandy beaches and most importantly an abundance of rich volcanic soils, agriculturally trained Harry appreciated the conditions on St Vincent were perfectly suited for growing the very best cocoa in the world (and he wasn’t wrong!).

We’ve scrapped the boat holidays and swapped it in for trekking around our cocoa farms in St Vincent which now make up hundreds of acres. We have only planted the finest varieties found locally as well as ancient varieties originating from the Amazon rainforest meaning that we have a perfect mix of indigenous and foreign cacao giving us such diverse flavour profiles.  As production picked up, Harry’s son, Wilf, joined the family cocoa business after working for various cocoa and chocolate companies around the world. His job was simple – travel the world, and sell the cocoa! 

Whilst he loved the job and gained a great deal of knowledge about the industry, he was left feeling uninspired and somewhat frustrated. He found an industry dominated by a small number of large conglomerates lacking passion towards the provenance and no real drive to celebrate the flavours inherent in the cocoa, quite simple, they treated it just as a commodity. 

Whilst his dad was a farmer at heart, chocolate was Wilf’s obsession. So he concluded the only way to reconnect the finished product with its roots was to manage the whole supply chain right from the seed.

The team at Cleaner Products are delighted to have been selected by Wilf for this superb venture, Island Chocolate are based at 3 Lion Yard, London SW4 7NQ, you can buy this superior product through their online shop and it is also being stocked at Gails Bakeries. 

Go to [email protected] to find our more about this great brand including recipes