Enzymes to the rescue

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Cleaner Products are an award winning family run business and are one of the leading suppliers to the Hotel & Restaurant sector in the UK and supply a range of Enzyme products that are highly effective. Kitchen waste of fats, oils and greases can be very costly if emergency plumbing or drain cleaning companies have to be employed, so is there a way of preventing these sorts of problems, yes there is.

Cleaner Products Bio-Cure is a blend of totally safe micro-organisms which have been specially designed for their ability to efficiently degrade fats, oils and grease (FOG), they are also efficient in degrading other food waste materials. Our Bio-Cure cultures produce a range of enzymes which also degrades starch, protein and plant fibres (cellulose). Our unique formulation is a biological treatment that also contains a small amount of free enzymes which initiate the process of degradation until the bacteria begin to produce their own. The key to the breakdown of FOG’s and other compounds which are not water soluble is the production of biological surfactants or bio surfactants. Bio surfactants help to emulsify the grease so that it can be degraded more efficiently. 

However, it need to be understood that drain dosing of enzymes is not the complete answer, staff training in good housekeeping practices plays a major part in the process being effective, Cleaner Products have 50 years experience in working with enzymes which is why we consider ourselves to be some what of a specialists in this field, we manufacture our own products to a very high standard and support of clients with the staff training required to become more efficient. We supply dosing units that are battery operated and can be fitted in-line to sink and dishwasher pipework.

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