Cordon Bleu duo choose Cleaner Products

Posted by:pete

Woongchul Park and Bomee Ki met and fell in love whilst in London studying Cuisine and Pâtisserie diplomas respectively at Le Cordon Bleu.  The world renowned Le Cordon Bleu school in London is the leading culinary arts, wine and management school in Great Britain and has been since 1931. Worldwide more than 20,000 students from 70 countries are trained at Le Cordon Bleu's Institutes each year.

It’s the first restaurant from husband and wife team Woongchul Park and Bomee Ki and it’s in London where they found both each other and a love of the London food scene, the duo have now opened their first restaurant in called ‘Sollip’.

Sollip is the Korean word for Pine Needle, it has been understood to be the best ingredient to control flames and smoke in traditional Korean cuisine. Sollip was notably used when preparing dishes that required the most care; an ethos that they share with all of our guests. Sollip restaurant is a reflection of their training, stemming from European and French styles, further coloured and influenced by their memorable time spent here in London, as well as the Korean techniques and ingredients that have shaped their upbringing. Woongchul and Bomee seek to showcase a uniquely personal cuisine that is deeply inspired by all their experiences. Bomee Ki was a brilliant pastry chef at the The Arts Club in London, while Woongchul Park was a chef at The Ledbury, so it’s no wonder that this partnership can produce cuisine of the highest degree.

At Sollip, they serve a tasting menu consisting of around 9 dishes, each made with seasonal and local produce, using an approach which reflects their Korean heritage.

The Cleaner Products development team are delighted to be working with Woongchul and Bomee and we highly recommend you check out to Sollip, to find out more head to [email protected]   

Unit 1, 8 Melior Street, London SE1 3QP, +44 (0)20 7378 1742