Cleaner Products reduce carbon footprint further

Posted by:pete

For over a decade Cleaner Products have operated to an environmental policy that strives to develop new ways of making our brand as environmentally friendly as possible. We were the first UK chemical manufacturing company to achieve ISO14001 environmental accreditation at the first time of asking. From the outset, Cleaner Products’ management systems and procedures were designed in line with this international standard and we have expert advisors who help us keep up to speed on best practice. 

We have further reduced our footprint by eliminating the use of cardboard boxes for our bulk distribution, we have instead decided to use recycled plastic containers that are made in Britain from household plastic waste. They can hold 350kg of weight and we can stack them 5 high for storage and distribution. We have invested in 600 boxes which should pay for themselves by November or December given the rising cost of cardboard boxes.

The exponential demand for cardboard to use as packaging is causing a global shortage, with the added costs of manufacturing cardboard and the shortage of raw material it makes more environmental sense to use a long term plastic container. The beauty is we remove a lot of single use plastics out of the domestic waste and even after years of service they can be recycled again.