Cleaner Products launch sister brand

Posted by:pete

Cleaner Products are delighted to announce the launch of Gloweco our first ‘sister brand’, Gloweco which is providing cooking fuel derived from coconut shell which is fully sustainable, a bi-product from coconut growers coconut shell is the ideal alternative to lump-wood charcoal. Ideal for Josper’s, Robata’s and BGE’s the Gloweco briquettes have a fast ignition time and a longer burn time than lump wood charcoal. Designed to run alongside Cleaner Products the Gloweco brand will reduce our client’s spending on cooking fuel and make their operations more ecological and sustainable.

This is the first addition to our ‘family group of brands’ and we have more concepts in the research stages that will be developing during 2019.

Any client's wishing to find out more about Gloweco can mail [email protected]