Cleaner Products continues growth.

Posted by:pete

Cleaner Products are pleased to announce that their second quarter of trading has seen a sales growth of 26.5%, this is a substantial growth and is due to both new clients and organic business development. So why are Cleaner Products continuing to achieve this type of business growth, first and foremost it is the competitive nature of our brand, the hospitality sector is under so much pressure with rising costs that are affecting their bottom line they are looking at every avenue to reduce cost. Cleaner Products are a manufacturer and deal direct with end users so there are no middlemen, this in itself produces a unique short cut to the supply chain which makes Cleaner Products the most competitively priced brand in the business. 

Secondly, product quality is key to growth and because we have ‘raised the bar’ and supply the finest quality products in the hotel and restaurant sector chefs and housekeepers no longer need to accept sub standard products, this enables them to complete cleaning tasks in reduced time. 

And finally it is the service element that sets us aside from our competition, our service managers are trained to look for reductions in our clients usage and make every effort to develop our client’s operations to become more sustainable. We constantly show spending reductions of 15-20% but in some cases we have achieved 30-40%, so it really is a no-brainer why we continue to attract new clients.

We would be happy to ‘run the ruler’ over your operation to highlight where we can show the reductions.

Mail [email protected] or call 01689 861984 to start the process.