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Posted by:pete

Cleaner Products are excited to announce the launch of a sister brand called ‘Chef Shop’

So what is Chef Shop 

ChefShop by Cleaner Products is an on-line buying platform where you can purchase the superb range of Cleaning & Hygiene products we manufacture, along with over 700 ancillary items we hold in stock 

Why is there a need for an on-line purchasing platform

As you may know Cleaner Products is an established brand and is one of the leading suppliers to the hospitality sector in the UK. With our own distribution network we supply our customer base direct but like all commercial operation we are forced to have minimum delivery charges to make our trading activity commercial viable, however, with ChefShop our clients will have no minimum charges as the products will be sent by post or couriers, this enable them to order exactly what they require.

Who is likely to use Chef Shop

The new brand is aimed at smaller pubs, restaurants and any other catering outlet who require our type of professional products, even the home markets will be able to benefit from Chef Shop if they require specialist products. The CEO of Cleaner Products Nathan Reilly commented  “we are asked on a regular basis by our clients if we can supply one of their friends who has a smaller business and it’s never nice to say no because they do not meet our minimum deliver charge”

So when is Chef Shop going live

We have been working on a new website for the Cleaner Products brand and we are incorporating an e-commerce function to the new site that will host ChefShop, planning has been underway for some time and we are starting to finalise the finer points of our new site and will let you know when our new offering goes live.

Can you send me information about raising an account with Chef Shop.

Yes we would be happy to do so simply send a quick message to:  [email protected] to register your interest and get on the mailing list.