Chefs - Heads Up

Posted by:pete

Chef, we know that reducing costs can be a frustrating task and that there are so many areas where it is not any movement, rent, rates and staff costs all have fixed costs and there is little movement of food costs, there is however some areas where cost savings can be achieved, you can reduce your costs on cleaning and hygiene products, ancillary and disposables.

In 2017-2018 we reduced costs to over 100 restaurants some times by a massive 35%, but 15-20% is the norm. Cleaner Products are a manufacturer of quality chemicals and supply direct to end user (no middlemen) and it's not just the fact that our prices are more competitive, we will reduce your consumption and make your operations more sustainable.

We also supply all of the ancillary and disposable products your restaurant would require and because we make our profit on chemical there is no one that can touch us on price.

We continue to develop our UK distribution ability and have supply centres in a growing number of locations, so it may well be that we can work with you as a supply partner to your business, we fully appreciate that with Christmas on the horizon you will be ‘up to your neck’ in other issues, but it may well be beneficial to plan a meeting with us for early in the new year start 2019 with reduced costs 

If you would like to plan a meeting or wish to compare prices then contact David Garrard at [email protected]