Chef - sharpen your pencil

Posted by:pete

With rising costs on virtually everything in the restaurant sector now is the time for chefs to sharpen their pencils and look at areas where possible savings can be made.

One area where saving can be made is on cleaning and hygiene products, if you are using a janitorial supplier you are in effect trading with a middleman and will not have the most competitive system in use. Cleaner Products are manufactures of a full range of quality products that are undoubtably the best in the business. At Cleaner products we also provide in-depth staff training in the use of our products to ensure we can reduce the physical usage whilst maintaining impeccable hygiene standards.

Cleaner Products will reduce your costs and add a great deal of value to your operations, so chef’s, sharpen your pencils and call us on 01689 861984 or email [email protected]