2020 Vision

Posted by:pete

As we start to roll-out our forward plans for 2020 we can do so with the knowledge that we are in an ideal position for another bumper year, 2019 was a record year for the development of the Cleaner Products brand which produced a very healthy expansion to our client-base, but more importantly we completed a major re-development of our manufacturing and distribution centre. The development has enabled us to treble our stockholding capacity and implement improved management systems for distribution.

With the reconstruction of our manufacturing and distribution facilities completed it now leaves us free to concentrate on business development and continue improvements to our customer service, improving our manufacturing process has given us the capability to expand the research & development element of our business. This will ensure we retain our competitive edge and produce more cost effective systems and products for our clients, we are aware that there will be demanding times for restaurateurs over the next few years and it is our plan to create more stability to our clients costs.

We don’t have 2020 vision but we do know what our team are capable of, what we achieved in the last decade is continued growth and our forward plan is very simply, more of the same.

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