Cleaner Products — a family-run business with more than 40 years' experience of the cleaning and hygiene industry

The senior management team

The senior management team have spent the last decade working together within the chemical industry and have been focusing on developing the brand Cleaner Products to produce a unique style of service, we have raised the bar in customer service within the chemical supply sector.

The Cleaner Products approach is built on three main pillars:


Our manufacturing set-up and our service are flexible. We need to adapt quickly to change, and to anticipate it.


We provide accurate detailed financial and performance indicators so you know exactly what's going on and why.

Shared Objectives

It's all about you. Always adding value is the best way for us to keep your business (see our philosphy).

Our philosophy is simple

If we can reduce your spending and improve the sustainability of your business we can achieve our aim and be your supply partner for years to come.

First, as we are a manufacturer, you can buy from the source without paying the margins of middlemen. So you should be saving on the cost of your chemicals.

Second, we look closely at your operation and find ways to improve dispensing options to optimise usage. We also plan new cleaning methods and identify any other ways you can avoid wastage and minimise consumption.

Third, staff training and best practices in cleaning can play a big part in reducing your costs. We will share our experience and insights to help you.

Fourth, we design a system of supply to fit the requirements of your business exactly. It’s tailored, not a take-it-or-leave service.

Finally, you get to deal with the directors of our family-run business. We have a vested interested in making our supplier partnership work for you.

What we do

what we do